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Medical Marijuana, Medical Cannabis ID Card Questions 

420 relief has put together a list of the most common questions we hear that deal with your California medical marijuana id card. We hope this helps in assisting you in the process

What is Proposition 215 (Prop 215)?

In 1996, California voters passed Prop 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. Proposition 215 was passed to give seriously ill Californians the right to possess and use medical marijuana for medical purposes, when they have a recommendation from a physician. Prop 215 also gives the patient's primary caregiver the right to cultivate and possess medical marijuana for the patient.

What is a "Primary Caregiver"?

Proposition 215 defines a "primary caregiver" as "the designated individual who has consistently assumed responsibility for the health, housing or safety of the medical marijuana user"

What should I bring to my visit?

You will need to bring a valid California drivers license or California ID. If you don't have a California ID or drivers license you can bring in a Passport, Green Card, out of state ID or school ID but you will need to have proof of California Residence, examples are utility bill, rental or lease agreement, ect.

Can I still be arrested?

YES, unfortunately. There is noting in Proposition 215 to compel Law Enforcement to accept a patient as being valid. Many patients have been arrested while having a valid recommendation. Once patients have been arrested it is up to the courts to pass judgment on their medical claim. Please read People vs Mower

Where can medical marijuana be smoked?

SB420 bars marijuana smoking in no smoking zones, while in a vehicle that's being operated, 1000 feet of a school or youth center (except in a private residence), on school busses, while operating a boat.

Can I be fired from my job for medical marijuana use?

Yes, Prop 215 does not supersede any employer laws and some employers do have policies in place for medical cannabis. We suggest that you speak to your employer's human resources department to clarify their policy on medical cannabis.

I don't currently have medical, but medical marijuana helps my condition, What can I do?

Please click on the free clinic list to be taken to a list of local area free clinics that can give you a medical evaulation for your medical cannabis card.  FREE CLINIC LIST

What is SB 420, Where can I read it? >> SB 420

How do I get my state ID card? Is it needed?

As of now the state ID cards are option. The advantages of our card, it's waterproof, durable, has your picture on it, fits in your wallet, accepted at most dispensaries. and it's only 20.00. Click below to be taken to the California State ID Card Site. 

For a further detailed list of medical marijuana and cannabis id card questions:

 Click here >> Cannabis Card Questions


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