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Detailed Frequently Asked Questions List  

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Medical Marijuana Card in Sacramento

Q- How do I become a legal patient in California?
A- Under California law, you must have a recommendation or approval for the medical use of cannabis from a licensed physician. A physician may write a recommendation for any condition for which cannabis provides relief.

Q- Once I am a qualified patient will I receive a card?
A- Yes, if you qualify you will be issued a Medical Marijuana Patient Verification Card.

Q- I know that most doctor’s offices are not open at night. What happens if my status as a patient needs to be verified after the office closes?
A- To better service our patients, we offer online patient verification available any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Q. Is this the CA State medical marijuana card?
A- No, with the exception of a few counties in Northern California, Los Angeles and Riverside County in Southern California, the state is not currently offering a medical marijuana card in counties not listed above.

Q- Can I be evaluated if I’m not 18 years old or older?
A- Yes, with valid proof of age and identification in order to qualify.

Q- Once I’m a legal Prop215 medical marijuana patient, what new rights do I have?
A- After obtaining your recommendation, you are legally entitled to grow, possess, consume, and transport cannabis as your medicine.

Q- My job drug tests employees. Can my boss fire me if he finds out that I use cannabis as a legal patient?
A- We recommend that if you have questions regarding job drug testing, you should discuss those concerns with your employer or the Human Resources department.

Q- Once I get my recommendation from a physician what do I do with it?
A- Keep the original copy of your physician’s letter of recommendation in a safe place. You may need it to prove your legal status following any encounter with law enforcement. You may also need it to obtain membership or to enter one of California’s many medical cannabis dispensaries. You should carry a photocopy of your recommendation or patient verification card whenever you carry your medicine.

Q- If I get a medical marijuana recommendation will my name be on a state or government list?
A- No, the physician keeps a copy of your records and you receive an original letter of recommendation and a copy.  Your records remain safe and confidential with us.  Your records can ONLY be released with your written consent.

Q- How many plants can I grow once I become a medical marijuana patient?
A- The number of plants and quantity of medication you can possess varies from county to county. If your county does not have a higher limit, you may possess eight ounces of dried cannabis, six mature plants, or up to twelve immature plants. No city or county may adopt limits lower than these.

Q- I’ve heard that the federal government does not recognize medical marijuana in California, is that true?
A- Yes, what you heard is correct. The federal government does not recognize California’s medical cannabis laws. Cannabis possession, cultivation, and use are illegal under federal law – even for qualified patients.

Q- If I become a legal patient, where and how will I get my Cannabis or medicine?
A- Unfortunately, we cannot give out nor discuss any information regarding purchasing cannabis or medicine..

Q- If I just can’t get my paperwork, does that mean I won’t be recommended marijuana as my medicine?
A- It is completely up to the doctor to make the determination. A clinic manager or the physician may assist you in getting your medical records. The physician may give you a temporary recommendation or ask you to fulfill certain requirements. If you cannot fulfill the requirements that the doctor requested you may be denied. Please make every effort to bring some kind of medical documentation to the clinic. This could include X-rays, MRI’s, prescriptions, physician letters, medications or any other documentation showing that you have been to a doctor and have been diagnosed with your condition.   

Q- How do I get my physician to send me my records?
A – You can follow these easy steps to get your medical records. Contact your physician or hospital where you received treatment. Inform them that you will be requesting your medical records. They will inform you on what steps you need to follow.  Typically, you will need to provide your physician with a written authorization to release your records. Ask for your physician’s fax number and fax your physician a release of medical records form.


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